Introducing PolicyTrac®

As the Life Settlement Industry continues to gain mainstream recognition in the financial markets and regulatory environment, market participants must be active in the pursuit of consumer privacy and security. With that in mind, PolicyTrac is introduced as the most cost-effective, immediate and complete solution to the life settlement industry's most critical concerns.

The Nation's First Life Settlement Operating System

Initially developed as an internal application for one of the industry's leading life settlement brokers, PolicyTrac is the first and only secure online business operating system dedicated to the secondary market for life insurance. The technology standardizes, streamlines and simplifies the life settlement marketplace via a user-friendly platform, enabling members to manage their day-to-day activities and transfer vital case data and communications via a fast, efficient and secure system. It reshapes and redefines the way the life settlement industry conducts business, channeling activity in one centralized hub.

Welcome to the future of life settlements.

Secured Architecture. Effectively Designed.

The PolicyTrac platform was designed with privacy & security of consumer data at the forefront of its functionality. The application and network infrastructure have been independently audited and verified by Terremark, a leading global provider of IT infrastructure services. The security policy combines the latest in encryption, firewalls and multi-level user identity validation technology to maintain PolicyTrac at the highest level of security standards.

Advanced Operations Platform.

Hosted by Terremark, the PolicyTrac system is delivered on the industry's most robust and advanced technology platform. With fortress-style facilities that sit on top of Tier 1 networks, Terremark's state-of-the-art Internet Exchange data centers are precedent setting. Its data centers provide the right physical security for sensitive business, critical applications and n+2 redundant power and cooling backed by 100% SLAs. Terremark holds multiple certifications including SAS 70 Type II.

Secure your life settlement operations.

PolicyTrac's "do it yourself" solutions are designed with your business and clients in mind.

PolicyTrac is not an auction or exchange; it is a business operating system that provides users with the technology needed to conduct business based on their own internal requirements. The platform is designed to help market participants eliminate expensive programming, hardware, and software costs as well as lengthy implementation cycles. By accessing PolicyTrac and "doing it yourself," members experience a stable and secure environment that is soon to become an industry standard.

Gain immediate access to a state-of-the-art operational platform.

By joining PolicyTrac, members can reduce ownership expenses, ensure fast deployment, improve productivity and benefit from continuous technological upgrades. And perhaps most importantly, PolicyTrac provides a stable and protected environment ensuring the availability and security of critical data.

Get started today and gain a competitive edge.

Increase Your Profitability. Reduce Your Costs.

As an optional value-added feature, PolicyTrac Services LLC is available to provide customizable back-office support to members. Comprehensive services are performed by an experienced team of professionals and are designed to provide cost and time-effective solutions. Administrative, operations & management services include:

  • Data entry, file preparation & provider submissions
  • Medical records retrieval & life expectancy processing
  • Insurance carrier & illustration requests
  • Case Management
  • Verification services
  • Bid Consultation
  • Closing Support

Let PolicyTrac Services LLC's expertise be your competitive advantage.

Determine pre-market demand and pricing before wasting time and resources.

Integrated into PolicyTrac is the industry's first Life Settlement Illustration, designed to pre-qualify and price cases at the beginning of the potential lifecycle. The proprietary pricing model analyzes the economics behind secondary market valuations in an easy to understand format. It is designed to:

  • Reduce the costs associated with lengthy underwriting and negotiation by pricing a policy first.
  • Eliminate non-qualified policies and obtain realistic pricing ranges before submission.
  • Provide valuable market information, setting the stage for an intelligent transaction.
  • Confirm fair market valuations and bidding trends.
  • Results in hours rather than months!

The Life Settlement Illustration was developed by one of the nation's most experienced life settlement brokers in consultation with one of the industry's leading actuary firms.

Eliminate the burden caused by unqualified cases that inundate systems. Get Smart. Price-First.